Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Frankenstein's Father

Now you know there is trouble in the camp when they want a comic to play Frankenstein's father. Especially a female comic. No wonder Frankenstein is so scary.

So, the other night we had our first cast/director meeting. Used SL voice. Funny how half the people still don't know how to adjust individual volume and a few don't know they have a crappy mic and are ignorant of the pain they are causing eardrums. And over and over the same person would say, "Can you hear me?" It was so disturbing I started banging my head against the wall.

Oh, talk about disturbing. There is a wonderful poetry club called Blue Angel. Peresphone is the sweetie who owns and runs it. Anyone can read their poems. And, no matter how bad you are you'll get applause. Except, I think I was the first person to finally tell someone they were terrible. I know, a bit bitchy but that doesn't bother me.

ETD is reopen. Tonight there were 51 people inside and another 30 waiting in the adjacent two sims waiting to get in. Most everyone was naked to reduce the lag. I was with two of my girlfriends in voice. We were laughing..buying hair and having hair orgasms.

Sorry, I'm brief on this blog but I am more worried about Sunday's debut of me new show. I so want it to be LIVE...improv...but i don't have a clue if I can pull it off. It's going to get even more nervous from now till Sunday. So friends, I hope it works out and thanks for stopping by to hear from me.

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Eshi said...

So glad to hear ETD is open again, despite my absence from Sl for the time being. Love ETD hair!!

I will do my very best to slip into my pixels asap. I love and miss ya Lauren! :) Have a blast at your show tomorrow. :)