Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tooting My Horn

This was an historic weekend for LaurenLive and I'm excited to share with you my feelings and work. For those who were at the show you know how incredible the IVY FALLS theater was decked out by Rekka and the stage presentation by Kere.

But, let me take you back. This show, the first of it's kind in SecondLife, was broadcast live to a theater in Amsterdam. It was simultaneous shown throughout SL and was also available on the web for those with a computer, internet access and not in SL. It is currently being cut, edited and finished as a video. (ok, it was a big thing for me.)

Ze Moo's Club Interbellum presented an entire program for Saturday's line-up. Some top musicians performed and I was the comedy act. There was a theme to the day's events so I wrote virtually a new show for this particular performance. And, because the actual livecast was to be a half hour I wrote about that length of show. We wanted a full house for the livecast so my show started at 3pm and they arrived around 3:25 and broadcasted until 4pm.

I want to thank those of you who came and heard the same show nearly repeated and appreciate how you understood the nature of this event and stayed when I started over again while the cameras rolled. As you know, I did not repeat the first half hour exactly but instead always improvise during a show based on audience reaction and comments.

Nearly 40 people attended the theater, over 50 were in firstlife movie theater watching and unknown who was tuned in elsewhere. Hopefully millions (joking). I was told by those at the movie theater in Amsterdam the audience was laughing the whole time. They enjoyed the show and also the audience. Amazed was their reaction to how unique the show was and SecondLife. I explained during the show many nuances about the jokes about SecondLife. Apparently most of the firstlife audience was able to go along with much of these jokes so the planning worked out.

For all of you who came. For those of you in FirstLife now reading my blog and having attended. For all the backing of so many friends I accept this Oscar...............................I know it started sounding like that...so adieu.

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Nicky said...

lmao! "I accept this Oscar". Hey, why not, as the pioneer of SL Comedy you at least deserve a golden wrapped Candy Apple!
The show was AWESOME!