Friday, September 12, 2008

Be All You Want To Be

     Quote by friend, "Give Sarah Palin eight years and she'll birth you an army."

Well, I guess politics is out of the question for this blog? Not! It is funny that Sarah has marginalized John McCain. It's as if he's running for the second position. Also, I find it funny the new slogan of the Palin-McCain ticket, a 'vote for change.' How can that be? If elected they will owe the years ahead to the same people who brought you this crisis.

Hey, did you notice the new banner? It was done by my friend Nicky Wise. The little piece of digital earth I reside on and you come to hear me laugh is a colaboration by all of you and my friends. When was the last time you looked over your friends list and made a note to thank all those who have added such a new dimension to your happiness?

Imagine your non-SL friends and the world they know. Sure, they know a few people around the world but most of them are within their current provincial realm. But, you now know people everywhere who would welcome you to their homes. And what about those before this 'virtual reality'. Those who lived lives where their ideas had to fit the mold of those within the hamlet (wait, Obama is going to get into trouble for using that word on Letterman) where they dwelt.

SecondLife exposes thoughts of yours to reality with others and also makes you broaden your acceptance of others. Isn't that what evolution of thought is about? Aren't we paving a road to a more peaceful earth (if we don't blow it up first). What if every politician and corporate CEO had to live in SL at least an hour a day. What would that do? (Griefer Presidents would be caged.)

Anyhow, I just wanted to say I love all of you.....thank all of you....enjoy you all and wish each of your days end with a smile regardless of the rigors of firstlife.


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