Sunday, September 14, 2008


I have many friends who are "creatives' in SecondLife. From time to time I would like to introduce them to you. The necklace and earrings I've been giving out were made by Lore Lamont (she does custom jewelry). Rebecca Rozen made the double dice necklace. Raeva has made the dresses I've given away and both she and Inga have made and given me numerous performance dresses. Kellie Iwish and Eshi Otawara also produce original clothing.

Many wonderful jokes and ideas come from Stephanie Kieper. My blog's original artwork was done by Doran Carter and recently updated by Nicky Wise.

OMG...I'd better stop now. It's starting to read like the credits of a tv sitcom. However. over time I will try to thank each of you and let you know you are always remembered

But today I'd like to introduce you to a poet. This poem by Morgue McMillan (real name at the bottom of the poem -- Oh, hey, this way you'll read it twice.) Called PINK it is just a sweet poem. Many of Morgue's poems are more developed and some very dark. However, my friend is going to be published more often in the future and I wanted to share a recent poem. You can often hear her poetry on Sunday night at Persephone's "The Blue Angel" at 5pm SLT (it's a poets dive.


Winter sun, little girl,
rosy skin, blond angel's
curls - all parents'

Easter sun, bloomy dress,
pink shiny shoes, a pretty
face - keep it all

Summer sun, campus green,
chicken run, pick one,
two, three - cheers to the

Autumn sun, chicken talk,
carved skin, take the dog
for a walk - poor mind still

September 8, 2008
(C) Morgue McMillan -: Marieluise Niehus

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