Monday, September 8, 2008

SecondLife Convention 2008

Well, your girl Lauren went to the SL Convention 2008 and here is my report on the past weekend.

The hotel and location were terrific. Much better then expected and the price per room was quite reasonable. Especially since those who had funds shared rooms and other money saving collaborations.

Entering the enormous hotel lobby on Friday morning I saw every seat taken by SL'ers with laptops opened and our universe glowing out of those LCD screens with badges worn proudly displaying their SecondLife names. Easily looking out you could have found someone whose corporeal reality represented you. And though there was every size, shape and gender you would have found by the end of the weekend why you so feel the closeness and love you do in SL for so many of these other travelers.

One aspect I found as poor planning is the convention's direction which is directed nearly entirely to 'education and business'. Yet, at the convention were entertainers, travelers, poets and writers, none of whom were recognized by the convention sessions. Therefore outside of the opening meeting the breakout sessions were poorly attended in comparison to the attendance.

I was going to the elevators when a mother, her mother and her daughter began to pass. I leaned over to the daughter, smiled and said hello and the mother, smiling broadly, said, "Oh, I know that voice. Hi Lauren." Cybergrrl and I hugged and over the weekend became close friends. I was surprised by how many people recognized me by either voice or by my show. Blaze Petrov, Eshi Otawara, Lily Charleville, Tuna Oddfellow, Phorkyad Acropolis and several other friends came up for big hugs.

Philip Linden was both interesting and accessible which made the event all the more enlightening and enlivening. There were some interesting sponsor booths set up depending on your proclivity.

Hehe.....yes we partied. Of course the big party was the Strokerz Ball on Saturday night. It was a wild mix of Gorean and non Gorean spectacular held at Banana Joe's. We danced, drank and danced some more.

The future of 'virtual reality universe' according to Philip is one which over the next 10 years will consume 50% of the broadband usage. Also, he touched on how this world does change who we are in both lives.

I only wish we could all agree that fl stands for firstlife and not florida. More on all this later.


Phorkyad Acropolis said...

Don't forget Meghamora was with me at Stroker's! And ditto on the comment about performers. Where were the poetry/spoken word readings, other performances etc? I heard rumors some musicians played (same night as the fetish ball, but not advertised)? I am looking forward to the post conferecne questionnaire

Lily Charleville said...

OMG WAS THAT A BLAST! Thanks for getting me to go. I really needed that vacation. Loved the ball, thanks again for the karma sutra DVD *winks*. I gave Callie back her surprise LMAO. See ya on SL.