Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Morning

Thoughts and ramblings about our favorite place SecondLife. I am always amazed how updates seem to fix what was wrong for some in the last update and create problems for those whom everything was going ok.

Yesterday, we were laughing about how we missed being RUTHED. Especially when then guys would come in smaller with tits and a bit more subdued until they completely rezzed. Now, we come in between Star Trek (Scottie beam me up) and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

One thing I would like someone to make is a duplicate inventory collector. So we could just drag our files into this thing and it would not show the items. (Example, we could put 1,000 of items away and go find them easily and our inventory count would exclude them.) Right now, I put all my old clothes in a box and after awhile delete the box. I couldn't believe the crap I thought was important enough to save. Freebie clothes, leopard print velor fabric love seats. Copies of sex toys that would never be used.

It would be fun to know the top 5 items we all saved and one day laughed at when we threw away. You know, those little blue dresses we hid in the closet.

Another thing we've talked about many times. My friends list is a mess. I want to sort into Friends, Acquaintances, Enemies but now I want more. I want to create groups. Current Family. I want to be able to create restraining orders so some avatars aren't even allowed in the same sim I'm in. A group of those who know how to dance. Those you don't invite out because their mic sucks, they munch food, tell bad jokes, forget to groom, don't remember your name.

And then a group of GONE AWAY. Friends who've left but you don't want to delete them because you are sure they will find firstlife boring and return to the joys of lag, graphic distortion and skirts that fit funny.

Finally, I want a group of friends who never contact you unless they want something. Oh, my dear friend, could you please come to my rez day part, wedding and other events where bodies are needed. "Please, I can't find enough campers anymore!"

Oooopsss! Another thing. AWAY and BUSY....I want to be able to have a DO NOT DISTURB, but be able to check the few friends I would like to be able to reach me and they wouldn't get a BUSY notice. I mean, what if FedEx wants to make a delivery of the new shoes I bought?

Oh well, Good Morning SecondLifers (yikes that just sounded like a morning call at a 'minimum security facility.' What a it what it is. A jail with crappy locks.)

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