Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shopping and Dropping

Guys, this isn't even going to be on your radar so you'd probably like to sit on the couch in the store in  the mall with the game on the big LCD while we SecondLife girls discuss this.

So, last night I was looking through my closet again and began to go through my shoes. (How many of you have been here nearly two years and accumulated inventory?) I remember last year when I went through my lingerie drawer and started a pile of 'throw-me-aways." I had free panties that upon examination found the label had "Barbie" written inside with a red-line drawn through signifying 'reject.' Some of my bras had either the wires bent or were no wire type and had shriveled up into 'unwearable' and some just had turned 'raggy'. I cleaned those drawers and the colors and sizes piling up was like a major multi-ethnic party. CLICK DELETE. 

My wardrobe and entire inventory became lighter. (Yes, I do have some real good lingerie still.) Most of my friends wander around with "no see = no bra- no panty." My commando girlfriends.

I tried to attack my dresses but taking them out, trying them on, thinking about them, wondering if I may have an occasion to wear them stopped the progress here dramatically. Oh sure, my hips are a bit plumper nowadays, so those too tight hit the 'click delete pile' but I still haven't gone through 10% of my dresses pants, blouses, skirts etc.

And now, last night, I finally opened the two wide mirrored doors to my 'shoes'. Now, there before me were shoes dating back to the Winter of 06-07. Boots with more prim then the 'avatar rendering cost' could calculate. I use to love these black lace-up boots. OMG, they have bling. Did I ever wear bling? Shame....DELETE, DELETE. Another pair of white shoes from a wedding in April 07. They were terrible, badly made. I remember how much they hurt to wear and was fortunate my gown had kept them hidden. DELETE, DELETE.

A pair of  'whore purple' boots. I can't even remember the evening they climbed into my closet. DELETE...DELETE. Yikes, some freebies still lived. Pushed way back in the corner. DELETE.

Finally came the hard part. Boots and shoes I had paid 1000L for. I remember this one pair I had bought at Minx. The were 'elegant black'. Could be worn with almost anything. (My closet cleaning had started all because of the green dress I was wearing and wondering what shoes to wear.) They had been elegant but at 54 prim per shoe and the heels needing to be replaced I thought I could easily 'delete.' But I couldn't. Not even the scuff marks could get me to. 

I had paid 900Linden for these. I bought them for a big dance at Jade's Jazz House. There they were, black patent leather strap ups. No Moody Stillettos but still they had nostalgic value. I asked if anyone still shopped at Minx and Raeva said she did. So, I put those shoes on the lowly bottom shelf, closed the door and heard the words from GONE WITH THE WIND, "I'll think about that tomorrow."

There, on the shelf in front of my eyes, were a perfect pair of open toe Moody Stillettos, Mary Janes. Closet Closed.

Do you have wardrobe story? Leave a comment. Can you DELETE? Or, are you still a pack rat?

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