Friday, June 6, 2008

Children - Are they better in SecondLife?

The mess of my son staying with me seems to be the least of the motivations my children have created for me rushing into SL and buying a new dress. (my daughter stays with the former. Equal distribution of angina has been decreed in the divorce papers)

Thinking about the past few weeks I wondered about the children of SecondLife and wanted to know is there angina in SL and what causes it? Mom's and Dad's of SecondLife do you have children where you get an IM in the middle of the night they have been arrested crossing sims, caught with marijuana? Do you get up and bail them out?

(Yes, since college has let out, this is one wonderful FirstLife Beetlejuice experience. Daughter and boyfriend decide while driving up to mother's lake house to puff the 'magic dragon' even though they are living in the only living replica of Nazi Germany...........Atlanta, GA.) I wonder if the giddy high of Mary Jane resounded throughout the jail where they spent the night. How much fun to draw a hopscotch board on the ground of your safe, secure, cell.

SL'ers your kids lose their keys, lose their credit cards, forget to put air in the tires of their secondlife vehicles?

(Oh, you are laughing, only because this is my life and not yours. My son announces on one of the evenings when I was just beginning to relax, "I've lost my key and fob --(fob is a $25 scan you in thing. Note the operative word $25). And without remorse he goes to sleep dreaming of the Inca treasure he is sure I have hidden for these $25 emergencies.)

Daughter takes emergency credit card and decides dinner for two every night of the week with her boyfriend is an 'emergency'. Son feels that every night isn't enough so he eats out 'fancy' every meal. Slowly but surely I begin to feel that sub-prime I am sinking feeling. you give your SL kids credit cards so they can go spend Lindens while you sit at home with your insignificant other wondering if you should look up SEX in the dictionary for a refreshing moment?

Ah, how son didn't put air in his tires as I requested. Instead he needs new tires. Not just replacement tires but racing tires with nitrogen. (If only nitrogen was flammable). When I inform him I am unhappy with his not filling the tires he happily tells me the serviceman said the old ones would have only lasted another 5,000 miles. I hear the air going out of my ears and wonder if I'll last another 5,000 seconds and what he'll say at my eulogy. your children steal your cars and ride from sim to sim disregarding the cost of gasoline and burning rubber?

Dearest daughter who has gone back to summer school (Ha, who could believe failing and the cost of summer school would feel so joyous) calls to apologize she forgot to pay her electric bill (college off campus.....hmmm...) and now happily I can pay the 'turn on' fee. I just feel so 'turned on!"

SecondLifers............what do your sl kids do that you wish thy wouldn't?

The lost credit card...."Dad, did you take my credit card?" What a way to tell me he's lost his credit card. I'm mad because he has to go back to summer school on Sunday and I was so enjoying the thought before he interrupted. Hmmmmmm...."The Treasure of the Lost Credit Card"....who should star, Harrison Ford? Nicholas Cage? Slowly the script comes to my mind. If it's lost he can't use it. If he can't use it!!!!!.....oh a smile of true delight curls my lip as I inform my son, "Well, you'll just have to pay your way with your allowance." And that moment is when the drama begins to turn to comedy.

Oh yes, the joy of parenting. And you want to be a SecondLife parent? Do you have a serious lapse of intelligence and think for some reason they will be teenagers growing up to be just like Obama with scholarships to Harvard and on to the relaxing world of President of the USA.

OMG..........does George and Barbara still get angina from their wonderful child George W?

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