Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Thursday at 5pm I'll be giving a PG performance on the main Stage of SL5B. If you are unaware of this please make time to visit all 20 sims which will be open all week..in celebration of SecondLife Birthday 5.

So,why the word CLUT at the top. Because at a meeting with performers at this event we were told we could not use f* words or the word CLUT. Do any of you know what a 'clut' is or where I can get a 'clut'?

I do know what a SLUT is...since I am one. A SecondLife Ultra Tart. But a CLUT? Is it something to describe PMS. Crabby Lady Under Tension?

Other Thoughts on this forbidden SL word

Clean Ladies Underwear Tighties
Crazy Lauren UnTamed
Comedian Lauren's Untold Tales

Anyhow, please send me any Cluts you may have.

Oh, update....the woman I was talking about in the prior blog told me that her married boyfriend told her he talked with his sister about getting a divorce. (This guy is a player). I mentioned to her there is no way to know if he is doing this or making it up. But, she believes him. Oh well, not everyone can be like Lauren.

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Anonymous said...

Try the UrbanDictionary :

Seems they soaped their own mouths trying to tell you...

I like yours better ;-)