Friday, June 13, 2008

SL Working Girl

What's it like being a working girl in SecondLife. No, I'm not talking escort service but instead the low paying job but exhilarating job of SecondLife Comedian.

Many of you support me by coming to my shows but I thought I'd share with you the week ahead and what I do. Prior to tomorrow I have been doing research for new jokes. Search SL for funny things that are happening. Type, correct and print the current show. (I do not write a script but instead outline some jokes put more information into others). All times are SL

JUNE 14th - Saturday
8am - Get up and wander into the bathroom knowing in two hours I'm going to have to look pretty for the lights at Adora Skins. I worry about my skin since Adora is about pretty. Drink a cup of green tea (you wish coffee with cream and sugar....yes HEAVY CREAM)
9am - I'm rummaging through my closet trying to find the right outfit to wear. Will Ema put me in the square at Adora or the grungier sim next door. Shit, I can wear this, I don't have the shoes.
9:30am dressed and at the sim I begin putting my things out. There are no strong men to help me nor a star motorhome. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have worn this thong. Also I begin to get my notices ready to send out trying to time it all so you will come to the show. I know the best notice is just a few minutes before showtime but I also have so many things to do just before showtime
9:45am - Have everything set up by my computer. My script in a folder with plastic pages. My water. A small towel to wipe the sweat. Time to go pee (again and again.
9:50am - Take a slurl. Start sending notices, IM's etc to all of you. get my mic, get show animation working...sip water..look at script. Look in the mirror, drat, most mornings that is one frightening experience.
10am- animation on...I look out at all of you. I want to see all your names but it's hard...I want to hear your voices so I know if you are laughing. I so want to thank each of you individually. I want to thank the venue owner for having me. I have the chat box open to hear those who use chat to laugh.............the show begins.....and for the next hour...we are together...laughing about what is funny and out headaches of life disappear.

11am the show is over...I mix with all of you..watching my time since I have a cameo at noon. I need to pee but I'll legs squirm a bit....I hope you don't notice. I have less then a half hour to go pee, freshen up and do the short cameo.

And what does the rest of the week look like (aside non comedic commitments)

Sunday June 15th.....
11:30AM Showtime at Rumble in Brighton
Thursday June 19th
4:00pm Thursdays with Lauren
Friday June 20th
4:00pm Hollywood stars....a show at Moulin Rouge and I have to come as a hollywood star for my show.
Saturday June 21st
4:00pm a new gig at the Blue Orchid

And then the next week begins. By the end of the week my hair needs to be cut, colored and set. I need a manicure and a pedicure. I need a drink. And most of all I need all of you.

So, when you wonder about whether to come to a show or not and then you come, I can't thank you enough. I know many of you come to support me even though you've heard many of the jokes before. I just hope I can get a few new ones so you laugh and find your 'giggle' spot.l

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Paula and Elwood's Poetic Palace said...

If I see the same show, four times in one week, it's worth it. Your laugh is infectious. Your sense of humor is fantastic AND you've given us "clut" .. who could want for more ;)