Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Borked Redux

Well, I had one hell of a CLUT day.

About a week ago I had a pedicure (and manicure but it's the pedicure that's at fault). I just knew when she decided to clip my big toe nail closer on the corner, she was probably working for the North Koreans.

Anyhow, a week later.....it's infected, swollen and painful.

Yesterday I went to my regular doctor and she said I should see a Podiatrist. And so today I left work early and drove up to the doctor's office. Of course the doctor had to inject my toe three times with Novocain. I think the first time was so he could hear me yelp. The second time so he could watch me wince. And the third time was a charm, so I would cry...."Can you feel anything," he asked? I wanted to reply, "Yes, my vomit which is about to heave all over you and this office."

With my toe all bandaged I left the doctor's office only to pull out into the street and CRASH....not SL crash but FirstLife car crash. The police come. All the stuff is exchanged and i drive my poor broken puppy over to the "We can fix it but it will cost you" Body Shop.

Go to Enterprise to rent a car. All they have is a semitrailer. Actually, I know why it's named what it is...a mammoth pickup truck....Dodge this everyone or I may RAM this....up your.....

Anyhow, I'm home......and about to log on and waiting for someone to tell me how BORKED SecondLife is. Yikers Firstlife can throw better curves. I'm smiling.....I am not complaining so tell me how you lost a little do nothing from your inventory. Complain a bit about your last tp. I'm just fine with it.


Anonymous said...

Lauren I'm so busy I never get to see your shows...so I read here! You make me laugh and give me a good old reality check. I was called everything from a 'bitter hag' to a 'stupid housewife' the other day in SL. I tell ya, some days that stuff gets under my skin (and this was a former friend and boss) when days are rough there, just like in FirstLife, it helps when I come read your perspective and LAUGH. THANKS "Chica"

Anonymous said...

She has one of the best shows going just ask xstorm that trys to watch the shows but seems to be building stuff all the time.

From just another cat