Friday, June 27, 2008

Laugh, Love and Lose Your Panties

Even SecondLife can create stress and demands. So, what to do when you feel "I want to leave SecondLife. You know, when you want to commit SL suicide. So here are some things to remember.

1. Hey, go do something fun and different. If you've been performing so much you haven't gotten out to do something you always loved doing. Visiting sims, shopping, finding a game to play then do it. People are playing backgammon, scrabble, poker etc.

You may feel like just going alone and spending time with yourself. Tell all your IM's a simple phrase, "I'm spending today with myself. I'll see you tomorrow."

You may crave new friends. As I said above find a game. Or just stop and talk to people the way you did when you first came to SecondLife. Turn off your 'friends notification' . Ignore IM's. Take a break.

2. So, you've fallen in love with everyone you wanted to within your circle of friends and you would like to try something different. Go find a group that seems filled with interesting avie's. Join it..and go get a new circle of friends. Eventually the circles will connect.

3. You're frustrated with building......blow up a project....spray paint a wall........just take a walk.

Look, SecondLife is wonderful but we are still the same soul so frustration, exhaustion and distractions occur here as well. But, you have made some good friends in SL. Some people you would like to find in ThirdLife. So, don't leave unless your first life is so over brimming with activity, love and laughter you no longer need your SecondLife.

But, just before you go, try to think of those who you love and love you. Because, when you log off for good, for some (including me) it's as if a friend in firstlife died, went missing. It's tearful and you are not forgotten just because you have left.

OK, so when this urge gets so great you don't know for sure what to do...........just LOSE YOUR PANTIES

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A. Starostin said...

Creating an alt that is very different from the first might be fun too. You may find a whole new set of friends that you may have never encountered. Is that "Third Life?"