Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Teleport and No Steak

I'm off tomorrow till Tuesday night and I would feel terrible not saying anything. Since TP's aren't working I will have to fly

Listen, if you are in the airport tomorrow morning Atlanta flight to New York City. Delta Flight 906 come over and sit down next to me. I'll be in seat 23A. Oh, I'll be wearing my nice white cotton summer dress and fancy thongs.

Yes, come sit down. We can talk fashion. Tell Jokes. Laugh about our loves and cry about those to come. Sure you can make it. The flight leaves at 8:40am we can meet for coffee.

I'm tired now and can't write anymore but if you miss me on the way up try and catch me on the flight back. Delta 909 seat 25C. Sure you can sit on my lap.

Oooppss......I must go you, Lauren

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