Thursday, August 14, 2008

Starting Over

Anybody need a new friend? Anyone still need a comedian? Lauren's back and I need to find new work and new friends or I could just go shopping.

I am going to do this show on August 30th (and the machinima part tonight). I will also be making a decision as to whether LaurenLive will take a hiatus. My last show have had very small audiences and just the regulars so it is apparent my material is either stale or something else that I'm not sure of.

And, you knw I don't like being I will work on seeing if the following project can be done.


So, how many different jobs have you had? How many friendships have you burned through in SL and how quickly? Who do you love? Write it down. Don't worry about puncuation etc. that can all be worked later. Who you are and how you interelate in SL. Your joy and tears.

I would like to know if any of you are interested in recounting (by an email document to your life in SecondLife. Love, shopping, friendships etc.

Why? Because I want to take these stories and using editor and script writers work them into a dramatic comedy. We live here but no one has ever written or produced a show about our lives. There's tons of Shakespeare, a few original plays with no ties to SecondLife and some adaptation of plays from firstlife.

Only In The Pink was ever about the women of SecondLife but most of the play centered arond their firstlife experiences as a woman (which of course if would have to have) only a few pieces were SecondLife experiences.

Now, I believe something wonderful, unique and electrifying can be produced. I am not saying this is an extravaganza (though I'm not sure the direction regarding sets etc. nor will I direct.) But, I do know men and women have stories of their lives in SL. These lives have interest, especially to others in SL and properly put together could be performed on Broadway.

All, email only, stories (please elaborate in your story...what did you wear? what sim were you in? i.e. we met when I fell on him tp'ing into Club Dance. Or, I sat and cried at the pier in New England sim. Talk about your friends and their lives it you want. We need depth so we can focus.

NO PERSONAL INFORMATION will ever be exposed to anyone and if your story is part of this play you will be contacted to approve using it. However, whatever your story it will change in the play to move the story forward. So, once you are aware we are using it, you must also understand we will not require your permission in how we interpret it going forward.

If you have no interest, maybe you have a friend who does. Hopefully we will combine many stories int a character during development and deliver to the world a product of tears and laughter.

Hugs, Lauren

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sloan said...

Hey, what's wrong with your old friends!? Chopped Liver?
Muwah, love ya Girly Man.