Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This blog is both self-promoting and an insight into performing in SecondLife. As most of you know, I've been doing a stand up comedy rountine in SecondLife for over a year. For those of you who don't know, most of the material is self-written (or friends thoughts) about what is funny in SecondLife.

There aren't many comics in SL and I'm not sure if musicians are effected but I do know, less and less people attend one of my shows although the amount of people in my group expands. I also notice that other comics are also having a hard time attracting an audience.

I am attributing this at the moment to Summer but when I log on the number of people is higher then ever. Perhaps most Second Lifers don't like to laugh. Or, none of us are very funny. Either one of those two reasons should be a death blow to comedy in SecondLife.

Now, I haven't noticed any drop off for musicians and I have noticed musicians tips are nearly five fold over a comics. Since I belong in the latter group, I do worry about the possible death of comedy in Secondlife.

For myself, I am going to see over the next 90 days whether the numbers pick up or not. I keep writing plenty of new material (that I hope is funny) and will do everything I can to make a go of this. This is not a cry baby blog. I don't do that. Instead it's knowing where I and other comics stand. I talk to regularly to those comics and we need to know where we are on the 'realization' curve. It's quite possible SecondLifers find comedy a bit lower then camping.

And finally, on Saturday, at 3pm SL time in the sim of IVY FALLS at the theater, I will be doing a show that will also be broadcast into a theater within firstlife in Amsterdam. From what I understand this will also be interactive. If you happen to be around, I hoe to see you there.

Hey, if I'm not funny, there's always shopping for shoes.


Nicky said...

Hey, if your not funny.. how comes I always laugh? Even thinking of you makes me smile! haha <-- see.. I laughed again.. tee-hee x

Kanomi™ said...

Hey I didn't know you did standup, I would love to hear it. I want to try to do it too. Please send me an email when this weekend you are going to do it?

I have been writing some material but don't know how to deliver it! ^^