Friday, August 22, 2008

Inflation in Second Life?

Have you noticed? There is INFLATION right here in SecondLife. I'm not talking about our land. All of that is subprime. But the price of things are going up and my pocketbook is suffering. However, we cannot attribute it to OIL or other commodities. So the question is, 'What is inflation in SecondLife and how is it caused? What can we do about it? Or, should we just stop buying things

I've been noticing this for quite sometime but it really hit me at the big Hair Show event. Hair that use to cost 100 is now 200Lindens. And 200L is now 400L. So the price of hair is rising. And of course we are all worried about 'avatar rendering costs' and the hair people don't list it.

(Aside, I think all wearable items should show the 'avatar rendering costs' in the label. How do we now how it was made. The quality, durability, Lightweightedness,)

Anyhow....many prices are rising here in SL. Have you noticed Stiletto Moody's boots are now 1500L for a pair. Last year top price was around 1200L. Sure, you'll say they are better made, or they are this year's style, but still they cost more and you know I need them. Therefore less money in my wallet to feed my little girl Lula.

Other things I notice. Musicians are getting larger tips. Instead of those 50L and 100L they are getting 400L and more. Some musicias have actually made easy pay with numbers like 6969L, That's a lot of particles. And I do comedy. I hardly get any tips. I can't do many shows or people will be bored. So Lula goes without shoes now.

The gift shops have raised prices.I saw a wedding dress for 5999L the other day. I was so happy I won't ever be asked to get married. The price of dresses at Blaze is going up. I have to shop over at the Asian stores where, I guess, labor is cheaper and quality is great and the prices aren't rising so fast.

Landscaping prices are rising. Trees I use to buy for 200L are now 400L at Straylight. New ocean waves cost up to 5000L for a package.

Animations are on the rise and so are dances.

But the sad part is my old clothes look like crap and aren't in style so I'll have to throw them out and get new stuff for fall. I haven't had the courage to look at the price of a nice silver necklace and forget about gold, I no longer even think about that. Nor do I know how much the Persian rugs have gone up.

All I know is the Lindens aren't doing anything to help. There are no lunch programs for my little Lula. She comes home everyday hungry. I'm not even sure I'll be able to keep my house warm this coming winter. So, if you see me huddled on a sidewalk somwhere in SL with my little Lula in my arms and an empty coffee can beside me, please, please drop some Lindens in.

Hmmm, wonder how much Linden cat food costs.

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Dan said...

Inflation is due to not allowing members to go bankrupt. In other words, Second Life is subsidizing the players who run a deficit, thus inflating the money supply. Read Wildcat Banking in the Virtual Frontier and The Coming Second Life Business Cycle to learn more.