Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SecondLife Goes Conventional

In just over a month the SecondLife Convention will take place in Tampa, Florida. Your girl Lauren will be there.

One of the big moments will be on Saturday, Sept 6th at ‘Breakfast with Philip Rosedale”. The big question is what to wear? Should I wear my camel hair suit (oh no…probably a furry would complain). Perhaps your girl should wear a nice prim skirt with ‘glitch pants? I can’t wait to see some store in FirstLife advertising ‘Glitch Pants on Sale.”

Then there is the issue of what perfume to wear since my sense of odor is somewhat lacking in SecondLife. Oh, and do I have bad breath? Is Philip short or tall? And underneath is he a griefer or a poet.

And, what should I eat? Since I haven’t tasted a thing in SecondLife will the food they serve be the same bland primladen nourishment in SL? If I do eat will my appearance bar start to slide right and my skirts start to roll my fat over their waistband?

Then there are incredible learning sessions. Which do you suggest I go to?
Morning Session
a. Business Tract Panels
b.Community Tracks Panels – includes
1.REAL support in a virtual world (press F1 instructions)
2.Non-Profit is Non-Profit (how my builds were ripped off)
3.Real Estate (SecondLife is SubPrime)
4.Open Source Technology (why your land is worthless)

a. Business Tract Panels
b.Community Tract Panels
1.Role-Play Fantasy (is this an oxymoron or just moronic?)
2.TV & Film in SecondLife (SecondLife Girls Gone Wild)
3. Finance (why you can’t bank on it.)
4.Real Estate (a new boom will sweep clean)

And guess what? Sunday’s agenda is exactly the same. Breakfast with Philip!Again? (Of course we’ll be on first name basis. You know how, your girl, Lauren can bat an eye and bring down a buffalo.

If you see me wearing mauve you’ll know I got lucky at the Tampa Marriott Plywood Bar. And wow, there will be free shampoo in the rooms which I think is made from the remnants of the liquid dishwasher detergent bottles you throw away nearly empty. Yes the one to the right of your kitchen sink faucet.

Well, I promise you this if they don’t laugh when I’m there I’ll just show them how my thong fits.

LOVE YOU Always.................................lauren

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Nicky said...

"bat an eye and bring down a buffalo"

LMAO! That made me spit my coffee out!