Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where SecondLife meets FirstLife

Okay so you all thought I had left....and I have....on a jet plane (where the hell was the tp for Athens). And of course I am telling everyone about my adventures in SecondLife and about who Lauren is.

So, what is that be on planet earth...discussing with earthlings about life on my planet and that I have no desire to be taken to any of their leaders? Well, first it's easier then you think since I have landed amongest a large group of interesting women who are trying to grasp what our world is about.

Trying to explain Lindens versus Euros is a bit futile. However, explaining passion versus pride is quite understandable in this land. My red shoes are admired and of course I wouldn't let any of you down. I am a great ambassador from SecondLife.

Interestingly, there is a wonderful creative openess in our world which is hard to explain in theirs. Because, on earth, your coporeal presence is more emphasized than your mind. Who you are is so quickly decided by vision and wallet that depth is not worthy of the vessel your life sails in.

However, I admire the women I've met so far. Most are interesting and those that aren't I avoid. Traveling by jet plane is just so antiquated. I felt the way Marco Polo would have, had he been wandering off to China and suddenly a Stealth figher jet overhead overhead and asked, "Going somewhere?"

Well, this is just a beginning of the journey but I wanted you to all know you are traveling with me. Yes, Rekka, Skylar, Lisa, Lailu, Sloan, Sheila, Shay, Nicky, Nickee, Inga, Bettina, Moxy, Welly and the many others are with me on this trip. When you travel, do you find we are all with you?

Hugs, alone the way, my soul remains with all of you........Lauren


Paula and Elwood's Poetic Palace said...

I"m laughing, not just at the humor you posess, but because it's TRUE. How often we are judged on the wrapping instead of the gift , tucked neatly inside?

Have a safe journey, Lauren.
You are already missed in SL .. not sure if your closet has been raided yet or not..

The Guerilla Poetess said...

Hi Doll,

I'm gutted without you. Truly. Second Life is a colder place without your laughter...

*choking back tears* (really)..

I am making marinara tonight in your honour, from my new little place. God I wish we were.. strolling and chatting right are missed, dear heart... more than you can imagine.

Love & Somewhat Appropriate Fondles.. xoxo Skylar