Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lauren's Return

I returned to my real home in Secondlife where everything was EXACTLY the way I left it. The place was spotless and all my plants were alive and healthy; unlike the return to my earth habitation where my basil had died and dust had accumulated. Where does DUST come from? Is dust a cousin to lint? Sometimes I wonder as I remove the lint from my dryer why my clothes haven't disappeared. Or, perhaps, my missing socks is where lint comes from?

Yes, your crazy girlfriend is back with stories from the other side. Almost as if Alfred Hitchcock and the Matrix had merged into the OW (otherworld....please stop calling it REAL sounds like "It ALMOST tastes like butter.")

Please, would someone explain how grown men and women (I mean 40 plus years old) can believe they have found love on a cruise ship without even a kiss? And I figured out one of the battles of the sexes. On this trip (of singles) to Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus there were 8 women to every man. So, what trip is there that there are 8 men to every woman. (the trip to the TV?)

Ok, guys don't get mad but it appears unless dutifully forced through marriage to take such trips or discuss fantasies of romance you prefer not to.

BTW.....for all of you in firstlife who are not Americans......please be nice to us......George will be gone soon and we are still good people. Today as the world seems to crave the power of the Chinese, the wealth of the Arab World and the extravagance of the Russians and disdain for us I stopped at the Pyramids and thought.

The Romans are remembered for their ruins that cross many continents and remain even today. They draw many people to lands that wouldn't be traveled by tourists if not for them. I wondered what would future earthlings (and space people) stop by on a tourist trip 5,000 years from now to see that Americans had left culturally and I knew it wouldn't be things like air conditioning or jet planes. Not plastic wrap nor the blues. We will not be remembered for the 60 years of relative global peace and security. Nor for our aid to others in need because other cultures aren't remembered for such.

But there is one thing....they will visit, just as those visit the 7 wonders of the world. They will visit the site of the American Flag on the Moon.

Now, back into my life inside my life....I've heard the new update is just as wonderful as past updates. Electronically stimulating. Is it possible these errors are by intelligent design? We all waited for 1.20. Finally after all this time the monkeys had found a way to move forward from 1.19.14 (I'm not talking Release Candidate)

Oh well, it's gives them a chance to start the many updates to the 1.20 series and perhaps a new Release Candidate 1.21. I am really waiting for 1.69 since I wonder how it could be 1.69 and not 2.69. There's a rumor in SL that thongs are about to be banned.

Love Lauren

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