Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Weekend

The LONG July 4th Weekend rushed through SecondLife this past weekend. For many of us it's a pull back into FirstLife and a pang in our hearts for missing SecondLife friends but that is how our lives unfold. So, I thought you may enjoy the world according to Lauren these past few days.

Thursday - left the office when a phone call for a round of golf came early in the morning. Walking around the course and feeling the heat of the day, the replishment of the sun I wanted to somehow tell all my SecondLife friends.............go for a walk.

Once home, Thursday evening, my friend called and asked if she could come spend the evening watching movies and having fun. I said yes at the same time "Thursdays With Lauren" was unfolding in SecondLife. There I was sitting with friends, Lisa, Raeva, Salamander, Think, Mathew and others. But Thursday wasn't about comedy. Instead it was about the sadness of how, when a marriage comes to an end, men turn back into frogs....very strange frogs. (More on this one day in the blog, Men are from Mars, Frogs are from Mars.)

I really didn't want to leave my friends as we sat and talked at Lauren's Place. However, the doorbell rang, I logged off, and met my friend Trammell at the door with a big smile. In a funny way she is a part of SecondLife. She knows Lauren. She is much younger then me but we share an equality of the life experience in the same as you all do with me.

The evening was spent laughing, drinking wine and watching 27 Dresses. (Lauren's review of this movie is cute Chic Flick but not great. Good film to play for your bf or spouse when you want to punish him for some callous behavior of his earlier. If he says he enjoyed it mark in your diary. "HE LIES". Finally off to sleep which was turmultuous as my mind slid, as if riding an oil slick, between FirstLife and SecondLife dreams.

Friday - we got up and lounged. Had breakfast, laughed and then put on "August Rush," (Lauren says,if music is in your soul and you haven't cried from emotional joy for awhile then this movie is a must. If you cannot find the romance and beauty in this movie please delete my number from your list of friends)

Then it was off to July 4th barbeque with friends in the country. We didn't want to go and of course by the time it was over our reasons had been underscored. July 4th food include baked beans (also known as "America creates new gas supply"), dips and chips (aka, Hip Huggers), things with Mayonaisse slopped in, cakes and pies crying "Eat me and find out who is the fattest in the land," Meats grilled by cavemen who are not licensed to work with charcoal. Alcohol to numb the event and also help the other shape shifter items in rearranging you into the shape of a beach ball. Finally it ends and with the smiles and thank yous your inner self releases a sigh only a prisoner of war could empathize with.

Back home...........I was now drinking and smoking (Lauren was disgusted) until sleep came to rescue me from my foolish bevahior.

Saturday Morning............early........the farmers market...what a joy........we bought loads of fresh farm produce and then returned to our skybox in FirstLife. Trammell then took all $50 of fresh produce and juiced them into two large glasses of green marsh water. (Oh, she is quite into the world of health. She is who got me into Pilates. She knows much about all of this and has a great site for "calf shaping, butt tightenig" workout shoes. See ) We sat and talked and I would come visit those of you in SecondLife who were on and say how I missed you.

I was missing my Wednesday boxing match in SL with Nicky Wise, Sheila Minimus, Xstorm, Geo, Synnove, Pearly and others. (you must come boxing one day with me)

Then we went off to a movie, Wanted (with Angelina Jolie the perfect avatar. Watching her on the screen made me realize that I needed to graffiti "I will not eat!" Fortunately the movie was so bad we left (Lauren said,"Wanted is an apt title for a movie that makes you flee the theater and toss out all your dresses that remind you of blood red" just before I began jotting down --must google the bulimic cookbook).

Shortly after that the pangs of hunger and the thin imprint of the movie kicked in and we found ourselves at a restaurant where we got up from our table and decided we would drink dinner with a thinning plate of fries and grease.

This ended our Fourth together and Sunday was a day of recovery.

And I missed you all, everyday, I did log on to get my Im's etc. So, in my heart and soul my freedom (which we celebrate at this time) is really my life with you in SecondLife.

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