Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do You Still Love Your SecondLife?

I was asked this question over the past two months by three different friends and of course I would like to hear your comments below. So, for those of you who have been in SecondLife for some time, "do you still love your second life?" Also, if so, how have you developed?

As long as we are asking questions (yes I'll answer for me at the end) How different are you from the first month you came here? What various social changes have you developed during this period? (Well perhaps you started out a stripper and now are an Opera singer?)

Have you left SecondLife for over a month and returned? When you go on a vacation (for those of you who know what that is) do you miss SecondLife when you are gone?

Now, let me answer a few of those questions for myself.

1. Yes, I still love my SecondLife very much. I don't tire of it since I pursue many avenues, shopping, performing, music concerts, sim exploring, get togethers with friends, emotional growth. I am sure I have become a better person in FirstLife from my life here. Also, I am able to extend my WHOLE life into crevices I would not be able to find in FirstLife alone.

2. How different am I? Well, I own many more pair of shoes and better quality. (men, you don't get it but never make fun of us and our shoes. It's a whole experience. Oh, one more thing....if you own an old wallet with a rubber band around it in firstlife (or should it need a rubber band) and you are single and dating...GET A NEW LEATHER WALLET. We notice stuff like that) Also, I was trampy back then as I discovered who I was and the clothes I love. Yes, back then I did have sex (where do you think my baby girl Lula came from) and now I just dream of sex. One thing remained constant though the players have changed. My friendships are my strongest link to SecondLife. Without those I would be gone.

3. I have never left SecondLife for a month. February 2007 I went to the Carribean for a week and brought my computer....each night I'd go to a wi-fi spot and check in. Yes, I was in paradise and still missed my SecondLife Paradise. Just two weeks ago I was away for 10 days. On a ship in the Aegeon Sea with just a simple internet connection (no SecondLife) so I did check my email to see who had IM'd me and I did stand many times on the deck (with a third glass of wine) looking at a moon in the distance and knowing part of me lives in the ether; between where I was standing and the universe that is me.

I have lost friends from Secondlife. Friends who leave and then I never hear from them in any life. Nothing. But, I don't ever forget them. It's like standing on the shore and seeing a boat sailing to the horizon...and then over the horizon. The boat disappears from your sight but it is still there even if you don't ever see it again. I feel that way about my friends who have left. And, I feel the need of my friends who are still here.

SecondLife changes everything. Those of us who have come here and stayed and those who left after a year of being here will never be the person we were before. In FirstLife we will hear the meaning of the entire conversation with a friend. We see nuances we would have missed before. Inside, we are elevated consciousness. ET call home!

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Valiant Westland said...

Hmm... intersting question for me... since my reason for being in Second Life is business. After almost six months here, I continue to benefit from using the 2nd Life "tool" for business and expect my business use of Second Life and other 3d environments to continue to increase.

I still enjoy meeting new people in Second Life, many of whom I doubt I would have met any other way. I also continue to enjoy all of the incredible creativity and the constantly changing variety of dialog, art & music Second Life has to offer.

During my initial work getting "set up" in 2nd Life and learning about the environment, I was here a lot. Kind of like Basic Training... up at 5AM to bed late, repeat... Now that I'm established, I'm here when I need to be and not as often when I'm not...

I don't know that I've changed much socially... I have become more of a clothes horse, both in SL and 1st Life.

My 1st Life is meshed with 2nd Life right now, because I am using it as a tool for a real 1st Life endeavor. It's funny... I sometimes find myself frustrated by not being able to teleport to my next 1st life meeting or change my entire "outfit" in 5 seconds!