Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation Post

I'llbe checking out FirstLife from July 16th to July 25th. So, I don't know if I'll get a new blog up or not. But, I am wondering what the others are doing. I need to check in on them t be sure they exist and are not hostile.

Also, I've decided to visit my money by going to the Middle East. My money has been traveling only there lately and not returning so I wanted to see what was so good. Also, I started putting my plastic jewelry in my safe since it's appreciation has made me a wealthy woman. (so nice to have some appreciation in life.)

My friend, Eshi Otawara (the haute couture designer), fish hook dress raised over 400,000 Linden for the Relay for Life. The most ever paid for a dress. I need to ask Eshi if it included her body underneath it or not.

I am not sure how I will survive without SecondLife. I will be able to get emails but not come in world. If you go by my house please give little lula a hug and a kiss. Please remember to clean up after yourselves. And most of all, PLEASE don't forget me. I'll be back...promise.....

Till then.....see you soon...hugs and kisses.....oh, and please Lisa, Skylar, Nicky, Lailu, Rekka, Marin, Raeva, Bettina, Alexandra, Nickee, and all the rest of you....STAY OUT OF MY CLOSET.....I know you want to see and try my clothes on...And boys, no going into my panty drawer....BUT most of all I'll........miss you all.

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Nicky said...

You will be massively missed but at the same time wishing you the bestest time ever, WOOOT! And don't worry, Lula will be in good hands, and so will your Closet! (Now, where did she put that key?). Have a FAB time hun, we will be thinking of you :))