Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thoughts From Around Our Universe

Griefers----What an interesting thought. Griefers just want to have fun.Or so they say. From all I've read about them they feel a wonderful exhilaration from disrupting other Secondlifers pleasure. So, what I don't understand is if they find that so pleasurable then conversely if someone came to them in FirstLife , held them down, cut off their leg and held it up laughing they would laugh too. Right? I mean you really can't say you are a griefer unless you desire a tit for tat. And since their fun includes hurting unknown citizens they really are digital suicide bombers. So, if their children, animals, parents and friends were blown away by an act of violence they would celebrate. Right? Am I missing something here? I mean a griefer wouldn't want things to be one sided. They are to intelligent and therefore understand the principle of a seesaw. They enjoy the two way street or else they would just grief themselves.

Campers - How many of them are there? How much money have all campers earned during the life of our universe? Who is the best camper? Who has the most alts camping? Do campers have friends in SL? Do they IM them while camping? What is the longest single camp? Is camping so addicting they don't ever go out and see their digital world? Do campers still look for money trees? Also, why would campers wear clothes that aren't free?

Gor - so many people seem upset with the idea of Gor but in our free world those who go there do so by their own volition. Now I've met many SL'ers that have tried to rescue goreans. They really don't need rescue. They are no more in trouble then someone playing Halo. (omg...my stupid spell check is trying to make me spell goreans as Koreans. Someday all people will listen to their spell check doing 'autocorrect' and the entire thought process of the earth will shift and instead of life in the key of C it will be in B flat.

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Alexa Daikon said...

Catching up on my blog reading and this is all so true!

Hate griefers and every time I get the chance I do unto them what they do unto me- set their asses on fire and orbit them to the moon.

When I started SL, campers had it much better off than those today. You'd get over 20L/10 minutes so it was actually worth it to camp- whereas now it's like 1L/20 minutes.

Gor- yeah, I have my own rant in my blog (well, it's in two parts). I could go on for days on how people treat those in Gor!