Monday, February 18, 2008

Going Back

What are the best sims? And how often do you go back to see what has happened? What sims are gone forever that you miss?

What are the worst sims? Do you ever go back just to laugh?

There are so many great sims. I revisted several recently (though there are many more I would like to). House of Tunes (where the great blues museum resides) is a wonderful sim to explore. I've talked about this is a recent blog (of the soccer field, museum, race track) but I didn't mention the wonderful beach parties, great hang outs and of course the original House of Tunes musical revue and dance hall. Interesting as well is that you cannot travel around the island in water. (try it)

Then of course there is Light Waves Hallucigens which interestingly has only 2,700 prim used out of 15,000. There isn't much new here but it worth seeing it at many different times of day. Obviously midnight is the preferred first visit. This 'myst' inspired sim is worth the return trip.

Dancoyote Antonelli sim is always a pleasure to go back and understand the originality and artistic endeavor he has accomplished. (Of course I've mentioned before....don't miss his SkyDancer performances.) But, in regards to the sim, I find I forget something learned by one piece and find myself enjoying more fully another. It is best to visit alone since each person tends to move through this sim at their own pace.

Ha, yeah, Privateer which is Aley Arai sim is always changing. She deletes builds and then puts up something different. It is never the same but always a challenge to your senses. Try this time to visit the new floor where there is a courtroom, prisoner visits, prisoner medical facilities etc. What's gone is gone so either you will miss it or you never knew it existed.

The newer sim Glam for shopping is a pleasure to walk around. I don't fly or cam when a sim invites you to explore. There are some gifted clothes makers on Glam and it all ties together for a wonderful day of shopping.

We will all miss Last Call on Dazzle but there are still the other shops (ETD, CS etc)

I haven't been back to Straylight nor many other favorite sims and there are places I forget since I delete old stuff so when I return it's new to me again. I would mention visiting Ivy Falls new sim but then that would be sort of tooting my own horn since Rekka Berchot is my manager and booking agent.

Love to all of you. Tell me your favorite. (Oh, ugly many I'd prefer to hear your picks.)

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