Friday, February 8, 2008

Upon A Star

How easy to miss your wish because someone else says it can't come true. Same holds within our world. I dub them all, "The Complainers" and I have met them in both worlds. So, instead of dwelling on their point of view let's take a chance on ourselves.

Not every twist in the road is an adversity. Actually, hardly any are. So, in firstworld if you've left your cell phone and have to go back, instead of cursing your supposed misfortune consider perhaps you avoided a disaster by the delay. ('ll be so surprised how often you will recognize the positive reason once you accept that it is)

In SecondLife we crash and instead of complaining, laugh and remember the times you crashed when you were actually hoping to leave an endless conversation. A dress disappears from inventory, stop and smile as you wonder, "who is wearing it?"

Ok, I'm not just this ditsy blond, all smiles and chocolate. And, I understand how many of you struggle in firstlife with simply paying the electric bill. And, I also am aware that some of you simply struggle desperately in your current relationships. But, I do believe we have a choice, that as I talked before about, 'pursuit of happiness'.

Anyhow, some of the truly depressing things in SecondLife are all the prim skirts that look good on the wall and then look like crap on. Those you can't modify are a waste. Those you can modify usually are a waste. The other day I gathered up all my badly fitting prim skirts, the tshirts unused, the shoes that looked comical, the skins that never fit, the panties that fit only to well as far as the opposite sex is concerned and brought them to SL Goodwill. ( are now wondering where this is and will I give you the LM to this place is. Well, I'm not .)

Just remember, there's no horse manure in SL.

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