Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Search and Not Found

Well, everyone knows this but no one really talks about it. We just go about laughing quietly to ourselves or aggravated when it's important to us.

Laughing - you have a friend and you know their first name but only have an idea of their last name. Wildcard? Not! Wild ride? Yep! So you type in the first name and a string comes up (let's say their name is Ima Yugo) you will find tons of Ima's but not one Yugo. However, if you remember the name and type it in, it's there. But it is never there when you can't remember it. How are these selected? Do the Lindens have records of whom we know and have created this wonderful algorithm called RAT?

Aggravated - You know the name of a store you want to go to. Something you want badly and you want it now. You type in the name (Last Call, Xcite, etc) and never does that store show up. Doesn't matter how popular the store is (see two mentioned even though Last Call is closing). So, you try to remember the sim name. In a frustrating moment your arms wave and you glass of water spills over your keyboard and your problem is solved.

Finally, I am a little slow on this blog and a bit short since I've been sick. Nothing critical, instead this lasting cough, flu, misery. Also packing and moving in firstlife. Working on the production we are doing in SecondLife called IN THE PINK. Getting ready for 4 shows this week and working in FirstLife. excuses....see you all soon.

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Rheta Shan said...

It's Cory Linden's legacy, a secret project called the Life randomizer. And it's not a bug — it's a feature. But don't tell the Lindens — they wouldn't know the difference :).