Sunday, August 2, 2009

A little News from a Big Girl

To All My Dear Friends - I'd love you to see the pictures Sennaspirit took of me the other day. He is amazing (and he can be hired if you are nice to him)

Also, I want you all to know I will have an open mic this Wednesday August 5th. Then the next time I'll perform in SL is on AUGUST 22nd at 5pm at Hobo Island. This will be the opening show of the Third Season of LaurenLive.

I will be performing at SLCC on Friday at the Odd Ball and also Emcee Saturday the Musicians Ball. Don't forget...remember, "some mistakes are so much fun they are worth doing again."

Finally,, Reggier Rimbaud is my agent. So please let her know if you want to book me.

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Kanomi said...

What time is the open mic and where? :O