Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Increasing Your SecondLife Audience

I've had several questions from friends asking why is LaurenLive pulling 45 to 60 in audiences during the summer so I decided to list here some of what I'm developing with the help of my manager Reggier Rimbaud and some I've used over time.

The most important distinction I've made is I don't think of those who come to my show as 'fans'. They are 'patrons' and without them I wouldn't have a show. Also, I limit the number of shows I do since comedy is not that good repeated and writing an hour show is very time consuming. (I think this 'limited edition' of shows is helpful for drawing a larger number oo my audience.)

1. Besides thanking those who donate to your show go to SecondLife Transactions and make a list of those who have and follow up with a thank you after the show (within the next 2 days). Some things I have not done is to keep a list and then merge them so you see which patrons tend to contribute and how often. Also, if they have not joined your hippo group (see below) in your thank you ask (and explain) if they'd like to.

2. Thank everyone who comes to a show (put out a visitor counter). If possible coordinate with your hippo list. I've had patrons come for the first time months after they joined our hippo group.

3. Be careful about overexposure and therefore overwhelming your patron base.

4. Get a web page and make sure your calendar is on it. (see mine; http://laurenweyland.com

5. Change the gift you give. Update your giver.

6. How many patrons have you lost because you asked them to be in your SL Group and then a month later they've left the group.

7. Hippo Group - and there are others besides - allows those who enjoy your show to join a group that doesn't use a SecondLife Group slot. There are several downsides to this but they are outweighed by the upside. The major upside is those who join tend to stay joined. So if they aren't around for a few months and come back they may come to your show. Also, they probably will not leave the group unless you send so many announcements.

8. Get to know the time zone your patrons live in and try to alternate performances to include all. Example 12pm -2pm SLT is good for many in Europe. 3 to 5pm can be good for a good part of the Western Hemispher and Europe. 7pm SLT is good for the West Coast.

9. Most people come to a show because they are in world. Unlike firstlife they don't have a date/time/ticket in their calendar. The most effective time to reach your audience is 15 minutes before showtime. So be prepared to send out notices during the last 15 mintues pre-show.

10. update your profile page with pertinent information

11. And if your audience dwindles don't be disappointed but instead focus on a way to rebuild.

Oops....must go...I'm late for my 'mud' bath. Thank god no one ever came up with a 'poop bath' for skin rejuvenation.

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