Tuesday, August 4, 2009

FirstLife Meets Lauren Weyland

Now this is really funny. I did the famous...."How famous am I on Google?" That's when you use quotation markes around your name to see how many google hits you have. Well, I found I had 8.760 and wondered if they were accurate.And if so what were they. Of course there were those I knew, blogs of friends, Machinima makers, etc. But I couldn't help wondering "Was there another Lauren Weyland?" And if so, "How could I kill the bitch for taking my Google space." Fortunately, I am the only Lauren Weyland on Google.

And so I decided to look deeper into these hits to see what was up.

At hit 170 I found I was now the 'trucker babe." Yes, go to the "Trucker Blog" and there I am

There's the wonderful tribute by an SL'er in his Firstlife Podcast (I know this person)

Somehow I'm on the "Global Oneness Community" God knows I'm neither a member nor do I know who these people are. Perhaps they are the second coming of the Scientologists.

I've found I have made it into 23 languages. 9 of which I have never heard of.

Wired Magazine posted an article in April 2008.

UNjobs (Switzerland) has me listed under "Computer Engineering."

Lauren Hutton and I are side by side on a web page (she needs to exercise more)

I've been discussed at some symposium in Edinburgh (yikes)

Of course numerous blogs one of which warned of 'sexual content"

I am on the "Global Fire Fighters" community.

Although I've never heard of "Soup-Everyone" I'm there too!

And, I'm on Playboy.

But I my favorite (besides being the Truckers babe) is

Maternity Suits for You - Lauren Weyland Live (an early episode is listed there.)

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Nicki said...

Lauren: I heard about your dad and I'm thinking of you. Love, Nicki Tone