Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Next Two Weeks

Lots going on these next two weeks. Besides performing in two Balls at the SLCC - The Odd Ball and the Musicians Ball - I have been working on my new show which will debut on August 22nd at Hobo Island 5pm SLT

Last night I went and saw Julie/Julia and wondered why we don't we have a cooking show in SL. Where is the Julia Child of SecondLife. There must be a few SL'ers who love to cook and would like to learn how to make dinner in under a minute.

SecondLife Cook Book

1. What are the best chips to buy.
2. Fastest & Most Nutritious Microwave Meal
3. Keyboard forbidden dark liquids and their replacements
4. Meals with the easiest tear open packages.
5. Foods that don't drip
6. If it's CRUNCHY....mic off
7. Clean-Up "Why Compressed Air is a necessity"

Now I must go pack...what to bring to SLCC.

Help me make this blog reach a 1000 readers a day. Use your friends computers to log in. Post notices in your neighborhood. Become a stripper pole dancer with a tat on your ass saying, "Read Lauren's Blog"

Finally, to those of you who will be at SLCC ......see you soon. For those who can''re with us no matter where we are.


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