Friday, July 31, 2009

Where in The World is Lauren

My blogging has been a bit in the summer doldrums because of the many activities I am currently participating in. I hope you'll all bear with me until "LaurenLive The Third Season" begins on August 22nd.

I will also be reporting from the SLCC where I'll be performing on August 14th at the Odd Ball and Emcee at the Musicians Ball.

The Musician Ball will be in a 1,000 seat auditorium and all of San Francisco is being invited. Hmmm...perhaps this is a gown's the info (and below the Thursday info too

‘The Musician’s Ball: A Night of Peace, Love & Music’
Directed by Cylindrian Rutabaga and Lyndon Heart
EMCeed by Lauren Weyland

Jazz & Instrumentals:
7pm Paisley Beebe w/Pato Milo
7:30pm EvaMoon Ember
8pm Edward Lowell (possible Dallas Horsefly playing in Ed’s stead)

8:30pm Rosedrop Rust
9pm Wendy Curtiss
9:30pm Lonnie Rocket
10pm Capos Calderwood (Alex Whitmore)
10:30pm TallGuy Kidd
11pm Mash Rhode
11:30pm Juel Resistance
12am SheBangs

And, the Thursday night event


The Future United is proud to present for our Friday evening event …


It’s Second Life’s greatest celebrity, greatest love story, and most amazing light show, all in one!

To the streams of three talented DJs including Jamie Ondeko , Nostrum Forder and thomtrance Otoole, Tuna and Shava will be spinning you up higher than the tunes and the comedic talent of the Divine Lauren Weyland!!!!

So, stay tune for all the fun at SLCC. August 13th to August 16th.

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