Thursday, June 18, 2009

So You Want to Be an Avatar

This is written for those outside SecondLife looking in and asking us inside if we can help your metamorphosis to 'avatar' and some to 'avatar lux'. So,SL avatars if at the end of this chapter you have something to add to help a firstlifer become a noobie please leave a comment.

Chapter One:

It all begins with creating an account and downloading the client. The great issue here is what will your first name be? If you pick Lauren then your next move will unlikely not be to pick 'male' as gender. Also, you will not be the only Lauren in SL.

Some people will pick a name like my friend "Crap". His full name is Crap Mariner. Now if he ever makes an alt and wants his friends to recognize him as such the odds are there aren't many Crap's in SL.

If you pick the name "Asshole" be prepared both to be perceived as one and then find out there is a family of Asshole avatars. (Many with that first name. Some just are regardless of their name.)

A truly unique first name such as "TwittleBog" will allow you to change genders (yes you can change genders at will). If you are an avatar girl this allows you to skip the dreaded PMS and instead be a man during this period and spend those days as just an IDIOT. (joking).

Be careful chosing the length of your first name. Once you go over 5 letters or numbers you will find you now have a shortened name. So, if you go with "DoICooK" you will find everyone IM's you as DICK. Especially for using capitals in the middle of your name. And, if you go with a very very long name, such as "SimplyHumanInterestingTibetan'. You will be called.......If you hadn't capitalized the H..I...T you'd prob be called Si. However some may call you......

You've got your name and now you are ready. Pick a gender. Male, Female, Other. (oh yes, the Lindens believe in Other. Someday you'll get one of their surveys.)

Now log on:

(Chapter 2 will deal with "Why can't i log on?" And, for men, "Where is my penis?" and for woman "Where is his penis?"

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Mister Crap said...

There are people out there who don't think my choice of name is a good one, but in my defense, Mariner was the best available at the time.