Monday, June 29, 2009

15 Minutes of Fame

My fifteen minutes of fame started last week and ends this week. I know, how can a week be fifteen minutes? I respond, "how can someone who makes 20 silkscreens of Campbell Soup that sell for $12 million each know the length of 15 minutes?" (if you understand this logic you are a true SecondLifer.)

The week started off with a wonderful 1st Question where I was running last till nearly the end of the show and then saw my name glisten as the winner. The fun of the show with Pooky, Hydra and an incredible group working behind the scenes made for a glorious evening. But it was a guest who was there (Phaylen) whom I watched and admired last evening (see below)

This past week has included several performances of "I Gave At The Office" with a star studded audience including Chantal Harvey, Pooky Amsterdam, Timeless Prototype and many others including SL friends and family.

Accidental guest on Cybergrrl's Podcast. (my first)

The Helen Keller show was at 10pm SLT (1 am my time) with many Lindens and educational luminaries (of course my friends). Tonight's show on the main stage at SL6B will be the last show of the week long event.

But, last night on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe was the heart of those 15 minutes. I was on stage for 3 minutes and interviewed for 12. And it was not my show nor interview that brought Andy Warhol out of his graveyard party to tap me on the shoulder and say, "Your 15 minutes of fame is up."

Instead, it was the joy of sharing an hour with such wonderful guests under the moderation of Paisley and the hour of open, off camera fun that ensued. Phaylen and I had been on 1st Question last week but her interview and the next hour of her wit, charm and drug induced somnolent canine sidekick was part of the lighting for my fifteen minutes.

Paisley's questions and giggles made for the stage I was on. And the audience (most stayed an extra hour listening to our prattle) was the makeup. With all of them my fifteen minutes of 'famously fun time,' came.

I also want to thank all those who behind the scenes make these shows happen. AutumnFox, Yxes, Texas, Saxet, (yeah funny..two different girls...are they related), Delinda, Trulie, Glimmer, CodeWarrior, Rekka, Crap (he won't know why he's mentioned here but he is behind a lot. Usually his work), Thinkerer and to many more to list.

So, my Second Season of SecondLife LaurenLive comes to a close after the last show of I' Gave At The Office" Wednesday night ending with my fifteen minutes of joyous tears.

Thanks to all of you (last time I'll be gushy for a long time.)

P.S. if you install the new client Snowglobe remember, you need to shake a snowglobe to make it work.

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