Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last night was a true SecondLife adventure. I logged in going to Sl6 Birthday sims. While there an IM came from my dear friend Skylar. It was her opening night of her great build in sim Dimension. Time 7pm SLT. I was going to be there.

A few moments later, Crap Mariner sends me a notice (from somewhere outside SL. Where is "outside" SL? Are there shoes I've never seen?) He was doing something at 4pm SLT in sim Trion.

I tp'd to another futuristic sim (yikes, the future is all day glow. I guess in the future there are only toxic colors left.) Scarlett LaRoux IM'd me "I saw you a moment ago and then poof you were gone. What are you doing."

So, we got together and caught up on old times. Scarlett was going to perform at Xanthia's build in sim Dimension at 6pm SLT.

My night looked booked (my one night off.) This girl has been way busy in SL. I didn't even have time to try on a new skirt I had seen at Emery. But the best laid plans of a blond usually are usually quite random.

From 4 to 5pm I could not find Crap's show. He didn't show in world and I searched the sim he was to perform in to no avail but I did run into Chantal Harvey in Sim Dimension. (you must find her build. Fly up to the screen and play media). Chantal is one of SL's talented Machinima artists. Lot's of people gathered there talking about all sorts of 'non-blond' stuff.

Shortly before 6pm, I wandered over to hear Scarlett sing. Xanthia's build is elegant. While there, my friend Orchid popped in too. Scarlett began her routine but something happened to her stream. I was cleaning up my SL closet when I got an urgent message from Pooky Amsterdam. Could I come over, right away, to be a guest on the '1st Question'? (a guest had failed the dreaded 'sound test.) Of course I said yes and rushed over. I tp'd so fast my hair was a mess so I quickly put it up in a bun. And, I was happy my garb was a gown and not the stripper wear I had on the other night.

At this point, I had missed Crap's show. Had left Scarlet's show suddenly. And would miss Skylar's too. My evening plans had dissipated like a particle storm in ta SecondLife lag free night.

1st Question - this is for smart people (of which i am not). It didn't look good for me. Very soon everyone had 4 points except me. I had 1 point. (I think it was a pity point.). Along the way I managed to tie for last place with 6 pts and trailed second by 2 and first by 3. And, the last round is the hardest round of them all. Questions which required answers (not the true or false from earlier). And these are hard questions. Like, "After God tossed Adam and Eve out of Eden what did God do with paradise?"

But, the audience was allowed to type in chat and I knew right away to whom I should listen. Three men out there. Mr. Scientist, Mr. Prospero and Mr. Roger's. I knew to hit the buzzer when they spoke (Hey Mr. Roger's would never lead you wrong.)

At 8pm SLT 1st Question closed with me having 13 points. YES...YES...YES...I saw LAUREN WEYLAND flash on the board. I had won. I was so happy I immediately bought a pair of shoes I don't need on Xstreet.

If you haven't been to 1st Question. It's every Tueday night at 7pm SLT. It's a great show with Pooky, Hyrdra and Yxes (and others) making a truly incredible game show.

Finally, tonight is opening night of I GAVE AT THE OFFICE. TP over to sim IVY FALLS. Showtime is 7pm SLT. I'm playing the part of Cecily, the receptionist. Come here me in the 'phone sex' scene. It's orgasmic.

Love Lauren


Mister Crap said...

First off, I would not have done this if it hadn't have been for you and your open mikes and performances. I've done a few things here and there with comedy on the grid, but it it was not for you, I would not have gotten up the nerve to try to do this OmniPrim concept. Thank you.

With that in mind, I had a bunch of TP and IM requests from friends last night, but just as I have a tradition of slacking right up to the last minute and then showing up (blame Gene Wilder of the Willy Wonka movie... I even have a cane for the av now) I did not answer any of them.

I did a lot of research, going back into my databases of SL one-liners I've written, scouting the likely audience and major players... even though improv is quick-thinking, it's a lot of writing of script fragments and fast-recall.

When I am doing any kind of performance or event that involves method performance and this back-end preparation, it completely collapses my concentration if I have to break character to handle those things. Doing Don Rickles-style insult comedy improv is hard enough, but doing improv on a PG sim opening night with several Lindens and FIC-ers around is like walking a tightrope on fire and your balance beam is actually a pair of cobras duct-taped together.

Either it works like a charm, or I end up with a 3-day vaction from SL courtesy of the G-team. (Or showing up on Darien Mason's doorstep on OSGrid sharing permaban stories and pints of Guinness)

So, the promotions go out ahead of time... I posted a SLURL to Twitter, the event was listed in the SL6B calendar with SLURL, SL6B did an announcement of it in-world, and nearly all my friends have Map rights to me, so they can TP.

As for street-team and groups and such... I work without a net, I try to avoid chatspamming street teamers, I hate taking up a group slot when I do so few things on the grid, the subscribe-o-matic is for Tunes inSL (not me and my hijinks) and I figure that audience members will TP their friends in if it's working.

If the system bugs up, the system bugs up. Oh well. It's SL. Happy Birthday, cut the network cables... I MEAN CAKE! CRAP! DAMIT!

I'm doing this once a day until SL6B is over, with the possibility of two shows on Sunday. I'd love to see you there and HECKLE THE LIVING **** OUT OF ME!


Lauren said...

Mister Crap: You've made me tear up from the compliment. (I don't mean tear up as in cry but tear up the paper that says I'm sane.)
Really glad because you are funny, intelligent and just the right amount of disconcerted effort

The Guerilla Poetess said...

Great Blog Lauren! That was exactly what everyone's night was like at Dimension last night! LOL!

So glad my PhD Blonde kicked arse.. wish I could have been there. Congratulations baby!

I may have to log alts, so that I can "multiple personality" my way through this week! OYE!

xoxox Skylar