Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crash, Bang, Update Ma'am

Often in SecondLife people will complain about lag, the updates, textures not rezzing, voice is out, stream doesn't work, friends list only knows my friends called hippo, hair is up my ass, shoe is up my ass. I'm being griefed, my sim has crashed, I've crashed. I can't tp. My IM's don't work, I'm frozen and on and on...with denouncement of SecondLife and how they can't stand it anymore.

Today, May 17th............EARTH

Television signal ceased to function......eventually it was back up and running

Internet signal (separate line from TV) ceased to function.........finally came back up

Wireless Router light out not working............hmmmmmm.....after checking with the Lindens it appears a circuit breaker had shut down. Whew back in biz

Water can this all be related?

Cell Phone.... No Signal

and believe me Tom Cruise is not in this movie. This has been my life for the past 3 hours. (only thing still not working is water)

So, when you get that "the Lindens are letting me down" sinking feeling. Come read this and wonder. Because now I have to try to

Take the Elevator Down
Start my car

And hopefully find I'm not living "War of the Worlds"

See you soon.............Lauren

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