Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Week End Year

To All:

We are now in the season of Merry Between and Happy Next Week. It's the best Holiday week of the year. There are no presents to buy and no resolutions to keep. This year we will have a repeat of the long weekend from work but even better no one takes the last week of December seriously except for traffic cops.

All that we striven for during the past year and have not succeeded at slowly eases like the last drops from the shower head, drip drip drip, after a long shower. Depending on the year the drips are either cold or hot but one thing we know our penchant for hope will flow with the rush of an unrestricted shower head on that first day of deja vu. January 1st.

I have never studied the history of the calendar and wonder, before humans delineated time, whether those (before) were confused by what is now called "Indian Summer" (warm days in mid January) and even further back whence humankind emerged from (they say the Sudan...whomever 'they' is) why there was any concept other then day and night.

If we had not developed the clock how long would we have lived? How late would we have been? How fast would a jog be?

Was there 'weekend' sex back then for those partnered for many years?

When would you make a resolution? How long would it last? But I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be like the one I'm making now "to fit a pair of slacks" so my waist will be like 23 and the rest of me,unfortunately, will remain ancient history.

OK Tickle yourself. You are still alive. Damn, now where did I put that skirt.


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