Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Cheetah Woods

Ok, by now everyone has heard about Tiger Woods and his peccadilloes. I am sure we will see the t-shirt soon with "I've been Tigered" on the front and "Cheetah" on the back. We all know now he is an incredible athlete on and off any field, even his "Field of Dreams."

But here is my take on the subject.

First: Why is it whenever a guy is out with a number of women he's considered by men a "cocks man" and if it's a woman with a number of men, she's a 'slut?"

Second: "Why are all these women having to find themselves compared to 'Elin' and that they are all called 'dogs' in the various publications.

I could go on but it's time to change the tunes of firstworld media slant. Let it be known from this day forward.

First: Tiger Wood's is not our local pastor, the Reverend Billy Grahman, Christ or the latest Disney character. He is an athlete. (side note....rumor has it Arnold Palmer probably still holds the 'green jacket' of escapades by a golfer.)

Second: Women are as sexually active as men (where did you think the 6.5 billion people on the planet came from?)

The news story here is only the loss of current endorsements. (I mean product endorsements not sexual ones. Although the late seem to be increasing.) And, the image is created by the advertising and product company green. You do realize there are people who probably worked on Mickey Mouse who....oh heaven forbid and since I don't know and have no need of a lawsuit....I will not exercise my right to freely be ridiculous. However, if Tiger goes back to golf course and starts winning (see Michael Jordan, etc) this will all fade and instead of selling Buick he'll be selling Ferrari. Instead of Nike, Versace. Instead of Accenture, Victoria Secret.

This is just another episode of the "Young and the Restless." No one knows the real Elin and how she feels. Perhaps Tiger is a cervix killer. But of course until the financial settlement there is still a myth to play.

And, since recorded history there have been 'peccadilloes'. But it was our friend "Bill" (Clinton for those of you who are wondering) who made it 'de rigueur.'

What 'is' is? What 'is' is! What 'is' is.

Pour the rum, get out the red peppers and let's heat up our lives. Remember, at your funeral they never recall your sexual escapades.

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