Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis Another Season:

The end of another year fast approaches. Have you decided what your SecondLife resolutions will be? Here are mine.

1. I will dust old particles from my SecondLife house before Spring.
2. I will refriend a past defriended.
3. I will visit at least 10 new sites with avatars I have never met.
4. I will sort my inventory by year and season.
Example: Dresses 2007 -Spring:
5. I will think of SL breast enhancement.
6. I will pick up and Linden's I find in the street. (I mean money)
7. I will not curse when I can't log on.
8. I will not hit my computer when graphics don't rez.
9. I will not covet my neighbors computer.
10. I will try to understand when someone crackle talks in SL.
11. I will walk more often and fly less.
12. I will cut my SL experience to less then 24 hours a day.

(more to follow) -- please add your own resolutions in the comment box.

1 comment:

Ana said...

No. No breasts enhancement!

I will think about mine and come back later.
I'm still laughing because of yours!

Yesterday I entered SL at 2:30 pm because I wanted to see you.
I got sleepy... went to sleep at 3:45 SLT and 9:45 my time.
I am having back problems due to computer and I have to avoid it as much I can to try to cope with it.
Missing you!!!!!!!!!!!