Thursday, December 3, 2009

Learning to Grow-Up

Before I get into this blog I would like to leave you a link to my Treet.TV show of Dec. 2nd LAURENLIVE

Now with that said I have opined of late regarding SecondLife and some of my thoughts were wrong (some were right.) There are changes and we will have to explore them or be left behind.

The Metaverse is forming into different worlds and directions.

Example we live (in SL) in an immersion world with many different grids developing (Blue Mars, Rezzables, Heritage, etc) They are all developing and although you can't bring your wardrobe to them perhaps you can think of going there, establishing your name. IBM and SL were able to tp between grids recently. This shows the possibilites. Linden Labs even has a new grid for education (outside of SL).

If you don't know what "Augmented Reality" is I suggest you Google and see another future that is here today. "Layar" is a leader in this field. Check their web page out.

For me, I will be spending sometime visiting all these worlds and seeing how "LaurenLive" will be able to grow a larger audience. I'm sure I will make many mis-steps during this learning curve but hey, if can't afford to fall you shouldn't try walking.

P.S. I guess everyone knew the drop in numbers at SL was due to many factors. The elimination of Bots. The purging of some non-active accounts. And, of course, those examining other worlds or changing lifestyles.

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Mister Crap said...

Steering the routine to non-SL specific material would be wise when traveling from platform to platform.

Any time invested in refining platform-specific humor should keep in mind the viability of that platform.