Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank You and Curtsy

I want to thank all those who've come to my shows and supported me over these years. Last night's show which was recorded for Treet.TV was one of my favorite performances. (hey, I liked it) And although there were many regulars (Lailu, Crap, Thinkerer just to name a few) and some who come from time to time (Doran, Fur and others) amazingly there were a vast number of new souls and friends who came for the evening. Forty-Five wonderful avies attended and most stayed for the remarkable Tamra Sands concert after. (there are lots of names I didn't mention here. It was a space thing. The space between my ears.)

Hopefully, those of you who read my blog, will forgive me the lapse between them lately and also my advertising my shows here. I've been advertising my shows here, facebook and twitter (besides my group) since the marketing people from McKinsey & Co suggested I could boost my ratings and perhaps make enough pin money to put Lula through college someday. There are so many good colleges in SecondLife to choose from too.

For those of you who haven't done this yet I suggest you look into downloading the Emerald Viewer (don't forget to download the Voice Patch too) and follow all the instructions for installation. The viewer rocks.

If you haven't seen Crap Mariner's blog you should and if you can find her current flickr account I suggest you do. You may also want to check out Ana's Blog for a few selections she's made (and awards.)

Next two shows. Oct 23rd at 5pm and Oct 24th 11am. See you then Lauren


Mister Crap said...

/me salutes

My various socnet pits of despair can be found through cruel and painful use of subdomains:

and so on.


Ana said...

Thank you Lauren.
You are so sweet! I admire your work as well as the person I can see even though only virtually.
I'll visit Mister Crap's blog.