Monday, October 5, 2009

Just to Funny

So, I'm out shopping for vaginas. Yes, you always have to see what's happening in the vagina department. Anyhow, I'm at a sim where they are selling the latest 3D vagina. (Thank god since a 2D vagina would be a bitch to penetrate.)

Anyhow, the sign says, "Five States of Arousal," and all I could think...California, New York, Nevada, Florida and couldn't figure out the 5th when this couple comes in and they are both talking SL stupid. I'm standing there hoping they don't ask me to their wedding and then they're cooing each other about all this vagina offers.

My mind began to twist and I noticed the sign said you could copy and modify the vagina (no transfer fortunately). Suddenly I couldn't help myself. I blurted out in chat, "You know you could always make a copy and attach a couple of them to your body."

Hearing myself say that I suddenly wondered if I would be turned in for Abuse..but no..the good lad turned to his dear and said, "Oh sweetie could you mod one to fit your mouth." It was at this moment I knew they were in love and SL would forever be a place for lonely hearts and multiple pussies.

Of course, how could I help myself. I was encouraged to believe I could make this relationship even more special so I reminded the gent he could rez a penis on his mouth and they could truly be in welded bliss forever.

Guess I need another sedative. See you all soon. BTW LaurenLive and Treet TV will now be on October 20th (Tues) at 5:00pm SLT maybe...and not sure next month...will try to let you all know.

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Lore said...

I am pretty sure the fifth state must be Massachusetts..or is it written in another way....just call it the "hard to achieve" state (i never managed to write it right in english tests)