Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bandwidth: the New Obesity

This will be brief. AT&T, Time Warner and other bandwidth providers are testing bandwidth plans coupled with monthly total usage.

Example AT&T is offering there top service of 18meg with 150 gig cap per month for $65...and down you go. No more unlimited bandwidth.

So, does anyone know how many gigs per hour we use on SL? Or, how much with Twitter, Facebook and everything else?

Are we about to be stifled? Because if so, I say broadband should be nationalized. In Finland it is now a 'right.' But the country that offers the most bandwidth with unlimited usage will have a better chance to be in the forefront of many global achievements. And limiting the amount will be another way to close a possible door to prosperity for the underprivileged.

I would love to know how this effects us in SL?


Patchouli Woollahra said...

If you leave the bandwidth cap on the viewer at the default 500kbps, you could potentially be shifting up to 3-30Mb a minute depending on your propensity to shift around SL or have things change. Streaming Media and audio does not fall under this cap, and will further load more onto your SL bandwidth usage.

Basically, if they start enforcing bandwidth caps, you're going to have to shop for either the largest possible bandwidth cap that meets your SL needs, or pare down your SL activity/media use, or shop around for more lenient ISPs who understand what SL is.

In short, those caps will kill US usage of SL or wound it severely if implemented widely with sufficiently onerous limits - the new SL will start belonging to countries that don't believe in capping, as well as ISPs that don't believe a cap serves their user base at all...

Sougent said...

There are, I believe, utilities that one can run that measure bandwidth usage. One might want to install one and see exactly how much is used over time.