Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Lauren On Love

Dear Lauren:
I have a serious problem and wonder if you could help me. I am new in SL and just got a penis but I don’t know how to position it. Can you come lend me a hand? Nervous

Dear Nervous:
If I lend you a hand you will turn from nervous to fearful
Dear Lauren:
I think my master is cheating on me. What should I do? Concerned

Dear Concerned:
Tighten your collar.

Dear Lauren:
I am so in love. My girlfriend and I want to partner but I don’t have 10L. Can you Help? Helpless in Seattle

Dear Helpless in Seattle:
First off you need 35L since departnering is 25L which will come at you fast.
Dear Lauren:
My inventory is a total nightmare. I have 47,000 items. What can I do? Cluttered

Dear Cluttered:
Do what I do. Throw everything out but your shoes. You’ll feel much better and like me you’ll probably get down to 10,000 items

More to come

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The Crap Blog Detective said...

Where did you buy that skin? It's crap, just as your blog.