Monday, September 14, 2009

What's A Mother To Do

Has this ever happened to you? Either you or someone you have given powers goes to 'About Land: Objects" and clicks return all by accident? Well, my sister did that this past weekend. I didn't get upset but I certainly was shocked since I was standing there as all these things disappeared and my inventory filled up like a Gucci bag on a weekend trip.

I called 911 (SL Concierge services) and learned you cannot 'go back' and reset the sim. If they aren't in your Lost and Found and especially, if they are no transfer and set to group they are gone for good. What also amazed me is about 80% of the stuff was returned. Never figured out why the other stuff stayed rezzed. One house rezzed together was half returned.

Then I learned these building block icons in my Lost and Found were actually crap grouped together for absolutely no reason at all. Example, a box of sex attachments ended up rezzing with my boxed Nun's habit. Oh well.

The hard part for me was wondering where my daughter Lula was. She wasn't in my Lost and Found and I was afraid she had been kidnapped so I put her picture on all the milk cartons of SecondLife. Fortunately for me an old SL chicken farmer sent me to a local sandbox. I found out she had been there playing with some boy named Steve. There were thousands of lost and deleted children at this sandbox. Sand Linden said if she's been gone more then 24 hours I should go to the SL Orphanage.

It had been nearly 36 hours so I proceeded to the Orphanage. Low and behold she was there.

For more about this story please come to my show this Saturday at 6pm SLT. Oh, it's being held in a french sim. Interesting because it's like 3am there at my show time. Must be the Galois smokers and cognac crowd who asked for a show at that time.

Again, thanks to all of you. Without your support Lula would either starve or have to go back to the Orphanage. (They looked at me funny at the Orphange. As if I was an unfit mother.)

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Lore said...

If you promise to talk french in that show too, I might consider to stay up that long (ughhh really 3 am) just to listen to it.....but I still wonder if those "Frenchies" aren't Canadians...maybe...