Monday, September 21, 2009

Tooting My Horn

Well, the first segment of LaurenLive & is now posted

I'd love your critique. Already there are several things both Starr and I talked about to make the show do even better. Here are some. Add yours.

1. Cluster the jokes around a 7 to 10 minutes segment. (So Dashboard would be all about that and not jump around like it does on this one.)
2. When an audience member calls out repeat the question so the tv audience hears it.
3. Get the audience to participate from the outset with laughs, claps, boos etc.
4. Lauren needs to be a bit more professional with delivery (think Domino Pizza)
5. Get a better comedian.

All in all it's a start. But this is our show (you and me) so any input would be great. Also, if anyone would like to get involved in the production please contact me.

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