Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rambling Rose

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Chantal Harvey was interviewed on "Tonight Live" Sunday. She does Machinima. During the show she mentioned how she works in regular TV which Chantal calls 2D and prefers Machinima which is 3D.

This simple comment was a terse explaining why so many of us have turned off our TV's. Like radio after television or perhaps even more revolutionary our 3D world will supplant 2D TV anchors, sets and even some of the stories.

There is a problem as the printed newspaper fades. Television hardly ever finds or has time to delve or uncover the stories newspaper reporters have. Since we've gone to a free (Google, Wikipedia) sourcing much of our information is slowly becoming more corrupt. Yes, reporters often made mistakes reporting but since their information was centralized and if the corporation they worked for was respected errors would often be uncovered.

Which has more possibility to be accurate. The New York Times or BillieBob's Blog?

I receive dozens of emails with false information sent by friends. Yes, you can check many of them out at snopes or urban myths. However, many people aren't and we are slowly slipping into an age where someone will say 'the earth is flat' and a majority will take up the carrion cry. Truth can be drowned out.

In a way, this goes for SecondLife as well. When I hear something negative about someone or an organization I don't just accept it. Not even from close friends. If it's a positive then I do accept it without research.

So, before you forward a negative email check it out. Otherwise you will quickly build a reputation for false information.

Chantal, why did you get me thinking on this?

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