Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rezzin Bran

I slowly rezzed this morning and the world was gray. Particles were dripping from the sky and Windlight didn't enhance a thing. In the bathroom I clicked on the light switch and a pie chart came up with "go into appearance" in bold letters.

The animation in my shower was superb but the hairbrush animation left a lot to be desired. Upon entering my closet I noticed there were some things needing to be deleted from my inventory...pie chart DELETE -- they fell off their hangers onto the floor sitting like a pile of old prim waiting to be cleared from the trash later.

Pulled up my jeans and started to walk out of my closet looking like a Coco commerical with my belt hanging down, zipper undone, underwear showing. Should I go out like this? Would they understand? No, zip, zip, snap, tug, hook. READY.

Tp's weren't working (as usual in firstlife) so I took alternate transportation. I had left my car rezzed the night before so I didn't need to worry about that. The script was pretty good and I liked the radio auto tuned from sim to sim.

Riding the elevator up to my office I looked at the detail and textures and thought what a great builder this elevator person must be. And the script wasn't jerky.

At last, at my desk, sit poses working I wondered how many Linden was my day job really worth.

And so another day in firstlife unfolds.

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