Friday, April 3, 2009

The World is Flat

So, the other day I became aware there could be something going on in SecondLife that needs examination. I am calling on a SecondLife Columbus to see if SecondLife is flat.

Is it possible, we have not discovered all of SecondLife's land and sea mass? Because when I venture forth over the map, the world is flat. But then again for thousands of years people in firstlife believed they lived on an infinitely flat surface.

Included was ancient Babylonia, Egypt, Pre-classical Greece and pre-17th Century China. (what does that say about the Chinese?) Especially since Wikipedia says that, 'recent scholarship finds that since the 3rd Century BC, virtually no educated person in Western Civilization believed the earth was flat.'

Now, I question my entire education since I was told in Columbus's time they thought the world was flat. Or perhaps the leaders weren't the 'educated.' (which would not bode well for inherited position.)

But, back to the main subject. Is SecondLife Flat? And, I'm not talking about the current conversations you may all be having. If over the next thousands of years in SecondLife various explorers sailed WEST or EAST (well also NORTH or SOUTH) would they finally find Secondlife is a sphere? Can you imagine have a globe of SecondLife in your firstlife home?

Could we convince Google to make our version of "Google Earth" (haha....some of you are thinking,'now that's a really great idea.' While others are thinking, "someone is insane and it's not me."

We need our Columbus to learn the answer. (We also need to convince the Linden's to devise a plan where SL does become a sphere. Although pear shaped I think is already taken.)

Okay, I'll get back to more important SecondLife questions such as, "what is the coefficent of lag?" 

And you thought us blondie girls were just all fun.

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