Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do You Dream?

As I lay me down to sleep this is what I dreamed.

I am standing,
naked, in an elevator and some shadow tosses my chocolate bomber jacket. I have the feeling of an unsatisfying escapade. As the doors to the elevator close I am holding a large white towel. Wrapping the towel around me and then putting on the bomber jacket the elevator descends. I stand looking at the chrome elevator door glistening my reflection. Blond trusses matted like hay on a barn floor crown my head . I do not notice the rest of me in the chrome mirror. Why I am here, How did I get here and Who tossed me the jacket I am wearing are all unanswered thoughts as the elevator stops and the doors glide open. In front of me is a wide open modern space. I am on the second floor with a large atrium rising up to geodesic glass panes forming the roof. Rain silently hits the roof and rivulets stream the water. It is raining hard. Inside, the architecture is soft. White curve walls are adorned with modern art and railing you'd see on a grand sailing vessel.

Walking out of the elevator I see many people wandering in some fluid motion. Looking around at the people I don't noticeanyone looking at me even though I know I must look like something one should keep an eye on. The large open space has two monstrous circular desks wrapped around building support columns. Around these desks are chairs and on them monitors with each desk having room to accommodate some twenty arrangements. Nearly all the chairs are occupied and as I walk around one of the desks I see all of the people at the monitors have SecondLife open. One is a furry inside the monitor and when I look he appears furry in FirstLife. I sit down and log on.

Entering SecondLife at my home I open my inventory and click on a few items. Amazingly my clothes in FirstLife change into the same outfit. I click on different hair and in the corner of the screen I can see a reflection of myself and the hair i put on in SecondLife is now also my hair in FirstLife.

Unexplicibly I get up to leave and walk past all the SecondLifers in FirstLife but see myself walking in each of their screens. I am in both worlds. I rush to the escalator riding down to the lobby my mind rattling thoughts trying to find an answer to what is happening.

My dream shifts and I am running. In a rush but without the knowledge why. Images rush by and I am moving along a dock with an elevated monorail. A people carrier, one I remember seeing at an open sim event last year, shakes the concrete pavement and I look up. Inside are avatars. Furries, Tinies, Human

Up ahead I see a man in a uniform.

As I near him his palm is pointed out at me and he is saying "Stop!"

"Where am I?" I ask.

He tells me I must hurry because the ship is leaving and I need to embark right away.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"It's a Carnival Cruise," he answers.

My mind swirls and all I can think is "I am living in a Carinival,"

And then I awakened and went to work.


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