Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Clothing Fair

Not that I care about clothing but I went to the big clothing fair to see what was happening. Actually I went several times to go through all the sims.

First take on the layout. It was terrible. If you are going to have a fair, have a fair. This was just a bunch of broken down shops set as if they were in a deserted ghost town. I think if you are going to have a big event like this, the organizers, should hire help for each sim to talk to shoppers, give out something kewl. And there was no ice cream, no cotton candy, no chocolate. OK, it's LENT, but still how droll!

As to the shops. I was amazed how some people are still trying to sell the schmattas they made years ago. And even a few of the better shops forgot that belts need to be 'mod'. I saw dresses I wouldn't put on my cat (if i had one). Does anyone still buy t-shirts from Orientation Island?

There wasn't even a new shop. A store I didn't know. One that sold a blouse I so didn't need but would buy. The men's stores seemed like they had better goods. A couple of my gf's would hang out near one rating the men as they came and went. "His thighs are to thin." or "His thighs are to thick." Goldilock's couldn't find the '"thighs that were just right."

So most of the clothing was terrible. The sims were terrible but there was still some fun. Example, I saw a woman whose must have gone for the SL title of biggest tits. I mean these were 48DDDD. I didn't even think it was possible. (hmmm, maybe she had prim extensions). And then there was the 'girl????' whose first name was, "IWantItNow". Someone tell her, we all want it now and then again and again.

Why didn't they have dogs and horses wandering the sim. They should have had a ferris wheel. How about a booth where you could win a cupie doll? I felt like the whole thing was being subsidized by the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury. It was so 'bailout' looking.

Oh well, I'll stop ranting. Yikes, I've got hundreds of dresses I've never worn. Maybe I should start a "Clothing Fair".

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